Brian Latimer is back on the water with The Bass University to teach you how to fish a jigging spoon. Lots of anglers aren't familiar with or have never fished a jigging spoon. Brian grew up fishing this bait and has a lot of confidence in its ability to catch bass. Hop in the boat with Brian as he heads out on the water to talk about the tackle you need to fish this bait and how to catch bass on this chunk of metal with hooks.

  • 0:12 Introduction to the jigging spoon
  • 0:38 Selecting a jigging spoon and modifications/setup
  • 2:13 Why/when to choose a jigging spoon
  • 3:45 Rod & reel for fishing a jigging spoon
  • 6:54 The importance of electronics (2d sonar, 3d and mapping/gps) in fishing this technique and what you're looking for and identifying high-percentage areas
  • 17:07 The reason that Brian Latimer chooses a jigging spoon over other finesse fishing techniques in deep water
  • 18:08 More on using the electronics to locate structure and identify/mark fish
  • 22:55 Fishing a jigging spoon for spotted bass and not getting hung up
  • 25:17 How Brian Latimer likes to fish a spoon for bass
  • 27:52 Catching multiple spotted bass when you ignite the school
  • 29:12 Are colors important, and what about water clarity for fishing a jigging spoon?
  • 31:47 When is the best time for fishing a jigging spoon for spotted bass?
  • 34:02 Bites on a jigging spoon
  • 36:06 Keeping your hooks from getting tangled with your line

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