Brian Latimer is a Major League Fishing Pro and a successful social media personality. Brian and Bass University have teamed up to bring you this seminar on the mental side of fishing titled “You're Trying Too Hard, Learn to Fish Your Strengths”.

Brian breaks down how to mentally fish free, fish to your strengths, and not reach out to people for waypoints and spots; basically, you need to find your own fish. 

Brian states that you need to become a specialist, find your confidence baits, and break down new water by how you fish and what you are a specialist with. 

Brian Latimer covers three categories for success throughout the year, pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn. These three phases of bass fishing are crucial in tournament fishing, Latimer preaches to simplify it by finding your confidence baits for these three phases. 

Check out this seminar with Brian Latimer with Bass University on the mental approach and strategies of fishing in this seminar titled “You're Trying Too Hard, Learn to Fish Your Strengths".

Learning to Fish Your Strengths with Brian Latimer Class Chapters

  • 2:27: You're Trying to Hard
  • 7:25: Be a Specialist
  • 24:45: The Benefits
  • 33:58: Categories for Success
  • 41:15:Latimer Question & Answer

Brian Latimer's Bass Fishing Class Summary

  • Simplify Your Approach: Brian Latimer explains the importance of mental clarity in fishing.
  • Specialize Your Technique: Learn to discover your strengths and stick to them, rather than seeking shortcuts or relying on others' advice.
  • Confidence is Key: Identify your go-to plan for different phases of bass fishing—pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn.
  • Strategic Breakdown: Latimer outlines a straightforward strategy for success throughout the fishing season.

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