Brian Latimer is back on Lake Hartwell to show you how to catch prespawn spotted bass with a crankbait. Hartwell has a mix of bass, this video will focus on locating and targeting spotted bass while cranking before the spawn.

  • 0:25 Targeting spotted bass with a crankbait
  • 0:49 Equipment for catching better and bigger spotted bass while cranking
  • 5:08 When and where to fish a crankbait for big spotted bass
  • 7:25 How to fish a crankbait for spotted bass
  • 8:20 The anatomy of the spotted bass and why they differ from their larger-mouthed cousins
  • 9:51 How spotted bass position and areas to target
  • 11:21 Prespawn season for spotted bass
  • 14:45 Importance of contacting the bottom and deflection when fishing a crankbait for spotted bass
  • 17:00 Important note about electronics and cranking for spotted bass
  • 19:31 Cranking clear water for spotted bass
  • 22:04 Crankbait color selection for spotted bass fishing
  • 22:40 Additional equipment/tackle considerations

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