Shane LeHew, from Shane's Baits, is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler and 2021 Bassmaster Classic qualifier who experienced a lot of early tournament success fishing clearer water impoundments, like Lake Norman in North Carolina and Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. In this bass fishing educational class seminar on fishing in the prespawn on clear water lakes, Shane breaks down what areas to investigate and research & the baits and tackle for various weather/water conditions. Learn how to locate clear water bass in the late Winter and early spring with tips for professional angler Shane LeHew. Then gear up with the appropriate baits and colors to catch bass throughout Spring.

  • 0:36 Introduction clear water prespawn bass fishing for the biggest bass of the year
  • 1:47 Preparation - what to do before you go fishing (types of bass, types of forage, areas to look for, and more)
  • 9:24 Types of structure and cover to target when breaking down the lake
  • 17:45 Where and what baits to fish when water temps begin to warm
  • 23:24 Difference between a primary and secondary point
  • 24:42 Working around dock cables and getting under the cover by learning to skip
  • 28:27 Red clay banks
  • 32:50 Nature's clues to finding bass
  • 42:49 Water fluctuation and warming temperatures
  • 47:22 Buy baits for fishing the prespawn on a clear water lake like Lake Norman or Lake Hartwell
  • 57:29 Finesse fishing techniques for prespawn bass in clear water
  • 1:01:57 Swimbaits in the prespawn in clear water

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