The Berkley Frittside Crankbait is an awesome flat side crankbait, that fishes like balsa, but is easier to cast. You can fish it all year, but there are a couple of times when it really shines. In this on the water bass fishing class, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Shane Lehew shares when, where & how he fishes the Frittside, as well as colors and sizes he chooses for different seasons and situations. See what tackle Shane uses to keep his retrieve slow in colder water, get good hookups and keep bass from coming unbuttoned. You'll also see how Shane covers water with this bait and find hidden pieces of cover that other anglers might miss.

  • 0:23 Why choose the Berkley Frittside Crankbait for Winter & prespawn early cranking?
  • 1:40 When to fish a Frittside crankbait
  • 3:43 Prespawn crankbait colors
  • 4:32 Tackle for fishing Frittside crankbaits
  • 9:26 Where to fish a Frittside crankbait (and when to use different sizes & colors)
  • 16:29 Shane Lehew fishing a Frittside around a boat ramp in clear water
  • 24:25 How to retrieve a Frittside crankbait in different water temperatures
  • 26:24 Another great season for fishing the Frittside crankbait
  • 27:16 Shane Lehew makes a color change
  • 28:29 Covering water with this Berkley crankbait
  • 32:14 How to fish a Frittside around grass
  • 34:04 Having some bait options tied on
  • 35:45 Setting the hook with a Frittside crankbait
  • 37:32 Keeping an eye on forward-facing sonar

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