Shane Lehew of Shane's Baits is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler and an avid Alabama rig fisherman. His style of fishing Alabama rigs (also known as umbrella rigs) doesn't involve big hollow-belly swimbaits. Watch as Shane talks about the fish-catching power of 5 and 9 bait rigs with 3" swimbaits and 1/16oz. heads. Fish biting topwater? Maybe it's time for an Alabama rig Berkley Choppo. Hear some of the other crazy lure combinations Shane Lehew has caught fish on in this bass fishing class seminar video.

  • 0:17 Shane Lehew's intro into umbrella rigs (or Alabama rigs, whichever name you prefer)
  • 1:25 Gear for being able to throw an Alabama rig all day
    • 3:02 For 5-arm Shane's Baits umbrella rig
    • 12:01 For a bigger 9-arm rig, which is legal in some states
  • 12:57 When to throw the mini 5-arm blades of glory vs when to throw the bigger 9-arm
  • 14:24 Rigging up an Alabama rig (choosing the right jighead size and bait size)
  • 18:45 When to fish with blade and without blades on an umbrella rig
  • 19:44 Example of rigged up Alabama rig with baits and jigheads
  • 25:52 Can an Alabama rig be effective in muddy water conditions?
  • 29:10 Versatility of an umbrella rig (some crazy baits that Shane Lehew rigs on an Alabama rig)
  • 34:46 When and where to fish an Alabama rig
  • 37:44 Shane Lehew smallmouth bass fishing tip for umbrella rigs
  • 40:44 Worst time for fishing an umbrella rig
  • 42:06 Jighead details
  • 43:29 Bending the wires on an Alabama rig
  • 44:33 How to fix an Alabama rig rolling
  • 46:01 What to do when you are limited legally on the number of hooks you can fish on an umbrella rig
  • 47:50 How to win bass fishing tournaments with an Alabama rig
  • 51:20 What's the most shallow you can throw an umbrella rig?
  • 53:17 Retrieves for fishing an umbrella rig
  • 54:46 Swivel size for Alabama rigs
  • 56:12 Storing Alabama rigs
  • 57:54 How to get baits back when you get a rig hung up

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