Often anglers approach clear water lakes with small baits and finesse techniques. In this 58-minute bass fishing instructional video, BASS champion Ish Monroe shares his West Coast secrets on catching big bass power fishing in clear water! If your lake has several feet of visibility, it doesn't necessarily mean you are relagated to only fishing spinning tackle, light line and diminutive baits. Ish will share his secrets about what baits to throw, what colors, how to present and fish lures. In fact, with the following techniques, you can catch bass in clear water throwing 50lb line, and big baits on baitcasting tackle.

Clear Water Baits

Find out what type of rod Ish uses to throw 40-50lb. braided fishing line, and what topwater bait is the exception to this rule. Also, Ish will share his line, rod and reel choices for power fishing crankbaits and spinnerbaits in clear water. You might be surprised to hear Ish's thoughts on line visibility. If you feel like these baits might be too aggressive, but still want to step up your clear water fishing techniques, check out Power Finesse Fishing, from another West Coast native.


Ish Monroe talks about why structure and cover are so important. There is one element that cover provides that Ish stresses to always consider in clear water situations. With that in mind, Ish breaks down how he approaches and what he uses around: docks, tule pockets, lily pad fields, stumps, brush, laydowns and more. If you're interested in getting into the deep cover, and want to learn more about  Ish's signature frog fishing techniques, check out Punching & Frogging Matted Vegetation with Ish Monroe.


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