In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, MLF professional bass angler Ish Monroe is in Columbus, OH to talk about dock fishing. Docks offer shade and ambush oppportunities for bass, particularly largemouth bass, who are predators and always on the lookout for an easy meal. As Ish theorizes, just like people and houses, the people with the biggest family live in the biggest houses, and the highest concertration of bass are often around the biggest docks. Join The Bass University as we present Fishing Docks Ish Monroe's Way.

  • 0:05 Introduction to fishing docks with Ish Monroe
  • 0:25 Main topics for dock fishing
  • 0:54 Identifying the best docks for bass fishing
  • 3:48 Where to start fishing on a dock and how to fish a a dock effectively
  • 6:46 Keys to dock fishing and what to look for
  • 11:00 Ish Monroe's best baits for fishing docks and the equipment he uses to fish them
  • 29:04 Simplify and specialize your fishing
  • 40:42 Question & answer time on dock fishing with Ish Monroe

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