Do you like to frog fish? Are you ready to be an expert frog fisherman? A real big bass specialist, Ish Monroe has years of experience catching tournament-winning bass with a frog. Learn the tips and tricks for landing big bass in this topwater frog bass fishing seminar.

Main Advanced Frog Fishing Topics

  • 1:06 Ish Monroe's equipment for frog fishing (rod, reel, line size and type and the bait, River2Sea Ish Monroe Phat Mat Daddy Frog). Ish talks about the importance of the correct length rod and having the right gear ratio. 
  • 6:44 What makes the River2Sea Ish Monroe Phat Mat Daddy Frog special and how will it help you catch and land more bass?
  • 9:44 Where are you going to throw a frog? What are key places and targets for casting a topwater frog?
  • 11:05 Misconceptions about a frog. What do we think a topwater frog is, and what do the bass think it is? Adjusting your bait to the forage.
  • 14:34 Fishing hydrilla mats with a frog
  • 15:34 Peppergrass Mat fishing
  • 17:16 Cheese mat fishing with a frog
  • 17:43 Other places to fish a frog
  • 24:48 Water temperature for topwater frog fishing
  • 26:37 Does presentation or strategy change on tidal rivers?
  • 27:37 Cutting the leg strands on frogs
  • 29:20 More misconceptions about topwater frog fishing
  • 30:30 Bending the hooks out on a topwater frog
  • 33:44 Topwater frog fishing presentation
  • 34:29 The hookset
  • 37:23 Mice, rats, bats, birds...are these lures just gimmicks?
  • 38:17 Does Ish Monroe use rattles?
  • 39:57 Topwater frog size
  • 41:23 Frog-making materials
  • 43:00 What's the best color of frog?
  • 46:02 Horny toad - retrieve and hookset
  • 48:21 Follow-up bait for missed frog bites

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