Ish Monroe breaks down a tournament with the goal of cashing a check or winning it. Power fishing from top to bottom is what Ish prefers to do.  Ish breaks down the baits he trusts most, from topwater, to bottom cranking. Along with the baits he trusts, Ish also discusses his rod, reel, and line choices.  During the Q&A session with the crowd and Ish goes further into detail with some of his favorites.  Stay tuned as Ish lays out his personal favorites to win tournaments.

  • 0:34 Sneak peak of Ish's top 4 baits
  • 1:21 Square bill crankbait breakdown!
  • 4:35 How to approach docks with a squarebill
  • 6:42 Which kind of squarebill?
  • 6:50 How to breakdown docks with a spinnerbait
  • 10:40 Frog fishing & punching: when & why?
  • 11:35 2 Types of mentalities to fishing
  • 13:30 Excellent beginner fishing tip
  • 21:09 What rod for a squarebill crankbait? 
  • 21:54 Trailers for spinnerbaits? Yay or Nay?
  • 25:52 What style trailers?
  • 26:48 Shhhhhhh.  Here's a tip!!!!
  • 28:00 Which size of squarebill and why?
  • 30:00 GO TO: For prespawn giants!
  • 31:27 Begin the Q&A with the crowd



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