In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, the big bass specialist, Ish Monroe talks about his top 3 big bass fishing techniques.


"If I think there's a fish back in there, I'll make 10, 12, 15 casts...knowing there's a fish there, I'll make continuous casts, change colors and try to get that fish to bite."

Ish talks about the equipment you need to fish topwater frogs, his favorite colors of frogs and how to fish a frog. He also discusses his favorite places to fish a frog, including: laydowns, grass, lily pads, bushes, docks and more.

Squarebill Crankbaits & Spinnerbaits

Ish goes on to talk about his other 2 favorite big fish baits, including equipment & his favorite colors.

  • 0:26 Why tie a snell knot
  • 1:23 Top 3 techniques overview
  • 1:50 Frog fishing equipment
  • 3:23 Frog colors for bass fishing
  • 5:53 Trailer hooks when fishing a frog
  • 6:46 When/where/how to fish for bass with a frog
  • 42:21 Bass fishing rods for reaction baits
  • 44:33 Other equipment for crankbaits & spinnerbaits
  • 47:20 Spinnerbait trailers
  • 48:48 Squarebill vs round bill crankbaits
  • 49:56 Color selection for crankbaits & spinnerbaits
  • 51:25 Ish Monroe opens the floor to fishing questions

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