Tips, tackle, and tech for targeting the true giants in the water. If you want to catch more trophy bass, this is the bass fishing class for you!

Catching bass is fun, but catching big bass is even better. While everyone wants to land their personal best every time they hit the water, not everyone is doing what they can to put them in a position to specifically target larger fish. In this seminar, Ish Monroe goes in-depth on how he chases down big bass by utilizing topwater frogs and punching grass. Monroe shares his gear setup for each one, along with how he mentally approaches fishing for big fish. 

  • 4:30 Froggin’
  • 7:00 Fishing Cover Effectively
  • 22:45 Frog Setup
  • 26:35 Setting The Hook With Frogs
  • 29:55 Casting In Open Water vs. Grass
  • 30:40 Frog Modifications
  • 32:30 Walking vs. Popping Frogs
  • 33:50 Tying The Right Knot
  • 37:00 Punching Gear
  • 39:00 Using The Right Rod
  • 41:45 Presentation
  • 59:35 Understanding Seasonal Patterns
  • 1:01:00 Big Fish Mindset

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