Dropping bombs is like punching, even when there's nothing to punch through. Punching is one of Ish Monroe's top confidence techniques. If the punching bite is on during a tournament, Ish has a good chance to win it. The idea is that Ish is dropping bombs in places where big fish live and other anglers pass up. He's presenting a temting bait, but not giving the bass a lot of time to think about it. All that allows him to cover water efficiently and key in on big bites. Fishing high percentage areas that aren't getting a lot of pressure, moving quickly and fishing a big fish bait is the recipe for tournament success. Learn how Ish Monroe fishes creature baits and big weights to catch big bass.

  • 1:44 In Major League Fishing, we show and I drop bombs on 'em
  • 2:07 Equipment for dropping bombs
  • 9:10 Creature bait colors
  • 11:08 Weights for dropping bombs
  • 13:40 Where to drop bombs
  • 22:19 How do you drop bombs?
  • 24:22 Dropping bombs punch rig
  • 27:13 More on where to drop bombs
  • 32:20 The best time for dropping bombs
  • 35:00 Jig vs D Bomb
  • 36:21 Dropping bombs in cold fronts
  • 37:21 Finding the right grass
  • 42:36 Never wait on the net when punching
  • 45:41 Fish what's different
  • 47:08 Ish Monroe answers punching questions

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