In most tournaments, Ish Monroe doesn't have a spinning rod on his boat. That's because on most bodies of water where top-level tournaments are held, spinning techniques don't consistently catch tournament-winning bass. Sure, you may catch a big fish, maybe a couple, but to win tournaments, you need to target the biggest fish. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Ish Monroe shares his philosophy and tackle for targeting big, tournament-winning bass. Learn what baits Ish throws, where he fishes them and tips on how he gets them to the boat.  

  • 0:16 Ish Monroe only has baits on his deck that will win the tournament, no spinning tackle down South or West Coast
  • 3:42 Ish Monroe's premier big fish catching technique
  • 5:25 Frog Fishing is a great way to win single day or 2-day tournaments
  • 6:39 Flipping a jig = fishing to win
  • 8:26 Punching vegetation - getting where the big bass are by working harder
  • 11:26 The problem with hooksets and punching weights
  • 15:19 Other places you can fish a punching rig
  • 17:01 Ish Monroe's baits for night tournaments
  • 20:50 The importance of casting angles in bass fishing
  • 22:55 Flipping jigs catches big bass
  • 23:54 Fishing brush
  • 25:30 Making color changes
  • 27:47 Does Ish Monroe use garlic scent?
  • 31:26 Do you leave a spot if you're catching small keepers?
  • 32:08 Building confidence in baits that catch bigger fish consistently
  • 35:03 The difference between flipping a soft plastic and a jig, for example

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