Major League Fishing bass fishing tournament professional angler Ish Monroe joined The Bass University in Tulsa, OK in 2020 to share secret tips, tactics and techniques for power fishing during the prespawn. Ish Monroe is known for his love of power fishing and fishing for big bass with big baits. There's no better time to catch a big bass power fishing than when they're feeding up for the spawn. Learn all the secrets to prespawn powerfishing in this in-class fishing seminar.

  • 0:30 Knots you need to know for power fishing, especially when tying directly to the lure with braid
  • 1:56 The importance of location when fishing the prespawn, spawn and postspawn
  • 3:36 When does the prespawn start? Time of year, water temperature and water clarity considerations.
  • 6:07 A second spawn?
  • 7:51 Crankbait fishing habitat and tips for locating and catching bass in the prespawn
  • 15:54 Spinnerbait & chatterbait fishing habitat, tackle and tips
  • 29:50 Frogging habitat, tackle and fishing tips

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