In this bass fishing educational video seminar, Major League Fishing pro Ish Monroe joins The Bass University to talk about fishing new bodies of water. Learn how to research new bodies of water, factor in seasonal patterns and utilize your confidence techniques. Ish also introduces some go-to baits, and some panic baits for when things are really tough.

  • 0:29 Research - the first step in preparing to fish a new lake (sources for research and utilizing technologies available)
  • 6:37 Confidence - How Ish plays to his strengths when bass fishing on a new body of water
  • 7:59 Seasonal Patterns - Considerations for where to look and what to fish for this time of year
  • 10:11 Consistency Tackle - What baits consistently catch fish on almost every body of water. This provides a good starting point if your confidence techniques aren't producing bites
  • 17:46 Panic Tackle - When your confidence baits don't work, and the go-to techniques don't work either, these are the baits that will "catch a bass" when you aren't catching any bass
  • 24:52 Equipment
    • 24:52 Froggin rod, reel, line, etc.
    • 26:07 Punching rod, reel, line, etc.
    • 27:51 Spinnerbait & crankbait rod, reel, line, etc.
    • 30:45 Jig fishing rod, reel, line, etc.
    • 31:31 Ish's go-to rods for versatility and budget
    • 33:10 Shakey head and stickbait tackle
  • 35:25 Knots for leaders and tying directly to baits for different line types
  • 37:44 Question & Answer with Ish Monroe on fishing new bodies of water

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