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In this Rap Session, host Pete Gluszek welcomes Major League Fishing pro Ish Monroe to answer a handful of questions about his career as a tournament angler. Learn how Ish got started fishing tournaments, tips for becoming a pro angler, some of the highs and lows of his career and what's next for Ish Monroe in his fishing career. 

  • 0:29 What's Ish Monroe's favorite part about The Bass University classes?
  • 1:09 How did Ish Monroe get started in the sport of fishing?
  • 1:54 What is Ish Monroe most proud of in his professional bass tournament fishing career?
  • 2:33 What advice does Ish Monroe have for an angler that aspires to be a professional?
  • 4:24 Craziest things that have happened to Ish Monroe in his professional bass fishing tournament career.
  • 6:07 Tournament career highlights
  • 9:46 Ish and his friends on tour
  • 14:10 Ish Monroe loves to cook
  • 14:56 Ish Monroe shares something about his fishing that he doesn't usually tell people
  • 15:30 Finesse fishing tip from Ish Monroe
  • 16:08 What's next for Ish Monroe?
  • 18:01 East Coast & West Coast tournament anglers

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