In this on the water bass fishing class, Major League Fishing pro angler Bryan Thrift is out on a clear water lake with spotted bass talking about fishing a Damiki Rig Underspin Head. This is a great technique for fishing for suspended bass. Thrift begins by talking about the tackle he uses when fishing an underspin: rod, reel, line, bait and jighead. He shares the his size and color choices based on water clarity and weather conditions. Later in the video, Thrift demonstrates rigging a paddle tail swimbait on an underspin, and the most important thing for getting the right action. Before making any casts, Bryan Thrift shares information on areas that he targets with a Damiki Rig Underspin Head, and shares a handful of tips for fishing this bait effectively around docks. Lastly, Thrift talks about why he chooses baitcasting gear for these lighter baits, and tips for landing big fish with light line on a baitcaster.

With the setup discussed, Thrift heads out onto the water to demonstrate fishing an underspin. He talks about how to fish the bait, gets a bite and demonstrates setting the hook and landing a bass on an underspin with a paddle tail swimbait.

  • 0:15 Introduction to Bryan Thrift's on the water underspin fishing video, where he discusses fishing with a Damiki Rig Underspin Head
  • 0:40 Setup for fishing the 3" & 5" Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait and when to use each size
  • 2:41 Damiki armor shad paddle tail swimbait colors
  • 2:56 Selecting the right swimbait that has a good action
  • 4:20 How to rig a paddle tail swimbait on an underspin jighead
  • 8:13 Where to throw an underspin with a paddle tail swimbait : brush piles, bridges, docks and more
  • 11:27 Fishing an underspin with a swimbait around docks & basic retrieve for fishing a fish head spin
  • 15:02 Why fish these small/light baits on baitcasting tackle? 
  • 17:40 Fighting a big fish with a baitcaster and light line
  • 18:39 Setting the hook when a bass bites an underspin
  • 20:22 Underspin with paddle tail swimbait fishing demonstration with Bryan Thrift

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