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2019 Major League Fishing BPT angler Jeff Kriet returns to The Bass University in Tulsa, OK. In this 55-minute bass fishing class seminar video, Jeff Kriet will discuss the finer details of a topic that frightens many bass anglers, fishing for suspended bass. Learn how to locate and catch these elusive bass with the pro tips in this video.

  • 0:25 Why Jeff Kriet likes fishing for suspended bass
  • 0:45 When to attempt fishing for suspended bass (what to look for on your electronics)
  • 2:49 Get an idea of what's being caught at your upcoming tournament lakes
  • 5:37 Fishing a swimbait for suspended bass (brands, sizes, jig heads, colors and rigging), and the most important factor in fishing for suspended fish
  • 13:09 Jeff Kriet shares how tight lining is going to make you tournament checks when fishing for suspended bass (and some additional swimbait fishing tips)
  • 33:22 How to fish a tube for suspended bass (size, colors, rigging and fishing a tube bait)
  • 49:26 Dropshot rig (changing colors, weights and baits)
  • 51:50 The most important tip for swimbait fishing (you won't win tournaments if you don't do this)

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