Jeff Gustafson is a Canadian Bassmaster Elite Series angler. He fishes the Elite tournament trail in the US, often held at lakes on which he has no previous time practicing before the official practice. As a result, "Gussy" has a lot of experience preparing for fishing a new body of water. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Gustafson discusses how to prepare, pack, and do research for a bass fishing tournament on a new body of water before leaving the house. Gustafson goes on to share how he uses his electronics and process of prefishing once he's physically on the body of water. As a Northern angler, Gustafson shares some seasonal things you need to know about before venturing South. Lastly, Jeff answers student questions about certain tournament situations, Northern experience that is relevant down South, equipment questions and further information about tournament prefishing and practice.

  • 0:19 As a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler from Canada, Jeff Gustafson is often presented with fishing a new body of water
  • 2:17 Jeff starts by discussing how he fishes his home water
  • 3:23 A little about Jeff Gustafson and moving forward after tournaments
  • 4:16 Putting together a strategy for tournaments with limited practice
  • 7:12 Tackle and equipment preparation and packing to ensure you are prepared for any situation
  • 9:28 Preparation from home and internet research
  • 12:45 Electronics : Humminbird Lakemaster maps, Aqua-Vu, sonar, batteries, battery configuration and charging
  • 16:27 Working together and sharing information with other anglers
  • 18:32 Covering water and being effecient at finding bass that are biting
  • 20:35 Things you have to know about at applicable lakes during applicable seasons
  • 24:20 When smallmouth bass in an area are pressured, do you change techniques or abadon that area?
  • 26:00 The lightest line Gustafson uses for fishing hair jigs
  • 28:26 Northen grass fishing vs Southern grass fishing
  • 29:59 How long is too long to pratice for a tournament? Can you be too prepared?
  • 32:07 How do you stop yourself from fishing history?

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