Jeff 'Gussy' Gustafson is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler who hails from The Great White North. He's spent most of his life in pursuit of bronzebacks, and his bass fishing experience has translated into solid tournament success as a pro at the top level for nearly a decade. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Gussy will talk about what to expect from smallmouth bass through the seasons when the water isn't iced over, and his favorite baits and techniques to catch them during those times. Jeff also shares information on the electronics (Humminbird & Auqa-Vu Underwater Camera Fish Viewing System) he uses to locate bass and assess their behavior. You'll also learn about Gobies on the Great Lakes, tactics for shallow and deep water fishing, tips for dropshots, info on bedding smallmouth and more!

  • 0:31 A little about Former FLW competitor & Bassmaster Elite Series angler Jeff Gustafson
  • 3:35 Information on how Northern smallmouth bass migrate
  • 4:54 Spring smallmouth bass fishing general rules, best baits and what they've been doing through the winter
  • 9:02 What smallmouth bass do in the summer
  • 11:21 Autumn/Fall smallmouth main lake migration
  • 12:47 Using Humminbird electronics to locate and catch smallmouth bass
  • 15:51 Using Aqua-Vu underwater camera viewing system to view bass and prefish for tournaments
  • 21:54 Gobies on the Great Lakes
  • 24:56 Fishing a dropshot vs ned rig vs tube
  • 27:56 Tactics & baits for fishing in shallow water for smallmouth bass
  • 33:38 Tactics & baits for fishing in deeper water for smallmouth bass
  • 36:10 Handling really big cold fronts on Northern waters
  • 38:06 How long will smallmouth you found on the Aqua-Vu underwater camera stay in that area?
  • 40:41 Loud colors on Ned rig jigheads?
  • 41:12 Where to hook the bait on a dropshot rig and when to use bigger baits
  • 43:11 Top baits for Lake St. Clair and thoughts on the Erie Darter
  • 49:32 Bed bass fishing for spawning smallmouth bass

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