Matt Cook from Humminbird joins Pete Gluszek from The Bass University to discuss and demonstrate the new Humminbird & Minn Kota networked technology TargetLock for 2022. This new equipment allows users to keep their forward-facing sonar, like MEGA Live locked onto a target, independent of trolling motor movement. So, if you need to stop and retie, TargetLock & Spot-Lock and when you get back, you'll be in the same spot, looking at the same thing on MEGA Live! Want to drift off the fish or move the boat to get a better angle? TargetLock will track your target no matter where you move! Want to steer MEGA Live independently of the trolling motor? Just just the right and left buttons and keep using your trolling motor however you like. Used to scanning with the trolling motor? TargetLock supports that too!

  • 0:20 Matt Cook covers existing Humminbird & Minn Kota technology
  • 1:07 MEGA Live TargetLock - move your forward-facing sonar independently from trolling motor and lock your position
  • 4:12 How TargetLock keeps your target in view
  • 4:51 Can you still steer MEGA Live with the motor?
  • 6:16 What is MEGA Live sweep?
  • 7:33 Locking Live view off of MEGA 360
  • 10:25 Matt Cook demonstrates TargetLock on the water
  • 14:44 Engage TargetLock from MEGA 360
  • 16:08 Engage TargetLock from waypoints or LakeMaster
  • 17:08 Scanning an area with MEGA Live Sweep
  • 18:40 Using TargetLock to move with your trolling motor
  • 21:03 Demonstration of TargetLocking onto a boulder using MEGA 360
  • 26:47 Demonstration of MEGA Live Sweep
  • 28:44 Minn Kota steer
  • 29:57 Home-facing feature
  • 30:47 Aiming MEGA Live independently of trolling motor
  • 31:37 Benefits of networking everything together

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