Ben Milliken is a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, and Bassmaster Opens EQ Champion. Milliken has over 1 million total followers on his social channels related to Milliken Fishing. Ben Milliken is also an original Bass University student, now an instructor. 

In this bass fishing seminar, Milliken breaks down everything revolving around LiveScope (Forward Facing Sonar). Forward Facing Sonar has been a huge factor in tournament bass fishing in recent years. Milliken goes into great detail about the importance of rate of fall and rate of stall when fishing with this technology. Ben breaks down how to target and catch fish that are suspended with forward facing sonar, as well as bottom-related fish with this technology. Ben discusses his gear, lures, and approach to becoming a consistent angler with this revolutionary technology. He also highlights the importance of experimenting with different presentations and electronic settings, rigging techniques, and the need for proper wiring and harnesses for optimal sonar performance.

Join Bass University and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ben Milliken in this seminar that breaks down everything related to Forward Facing Sonar and how to become the most efficient angler possible with this new technology that is taking over tournament bass fishing. 

Ben Milliken Catching LiveScope Monsters Class Chapters

  • 0:23: Milliken Background
  • 2:21: Approach and Where to Use FFS
  • 10:20: Rate of Fall/Stall
  • 19:00: Suspended Fish
  • 38:32: Bottom Related Fish
  • 43:45: Conventional Bottom Baits
  • 50:57: Milliken Forward Facing Sonar Question & Answer

Milliken Fishing Forward Facing Sonar Class Summary

  • Instructor Ben Milliken: Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bassmaster Opens EQ Champion
  • Seminar focuses on LiveScope (Forward Facing Sonar) technology in bass fishing.
  • Importance of rate of fall and rate of stall explained.
  • Techniques for targeting suspended and bottom-related fish with Forward Facing Sonar.
  • Discussion on gear, lures, and approach for consistency.
  • Emphasis on experimenting with presentations, electronic settings, rigging techniques, wiring, and harnesses.

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