Floating Worm & Wacky Worm Fishing - Kriet

Floating Worm & Wacky Worm Fishing - Kriet


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Jeff Kriet is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler who has been fishing BASS events for well over 20 years. He has amassed well over $1M in tournament winnings, having finished over half of his tournaments "in the money". In his many years of tournament fishing competition, he has also appeared in 8 Bassmaster Classics.

Main Topics in this Floating Worm Fishing Class

  • 3:00 When does the floating worm excel?
  • 5:35 Why fish a floating worm?
  • 12:25 Floating worm & gear
  • 27:05 How and when to fish a floating worm
  • 36:05 Why fish a wacky worm?
  • 38:20 Rigging setups

In this bass fishing instructional seminar, "The Squirrel" Jeff Kriet begins by talking about great times to throw a floating worm and how to use it in different seasons. Jeff shares a story from MLF about knowing that the fish are biting the floating worm, and knowing that's the deal.

Jeff Kriet's Floating Worm Setup
Jeff Kriet's Wacky Worm Setup

In this video, there is a lot of information about how to fish a wacky worm and a floating worm, including:

  • Cadence - how do you work the bait?
  • Depth - What factors determine how deep to fish these baits?
  • Time - Best times to fish these lures
  • Targets - Kriet discusses some areas you want to be sure to throw this bait
  • Conditions - Kriet shares a great weather condition for throwing these baits

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Its the little subtle techniques that make you a better angler in this sport and here you can get them right from the pros mouths.
- John H.