Jeff Kriet is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler who has been fishing BASS events for well over 20 years. He has amassed well over $1M in tournament winnings, having finished over half of his tournaments "in the money". In his many years of tournament fishing competition, he has also appeared in 8 Bassmaster Classics.

Main Topics in this Floating Worm Fishing Class

  • 3:00 When does the floating worm excel?
  • 5:35 Why fish a floating worm?
  • 12:25 Floating worm & gear
  • 27:05 How and when to fish a floating worm
  • 36:05 Why fish a wacky worm?
  • 38:20 Rigging setups

In this bass fishing instructional seminar, "The Squirrel" Jeff Kriet begins by talking about great times to throw a floating worm and how to use it in different seasons. Jeff shares a story from MLF about knowing that the fish are biting the floating worm, and knowing that's the deal.

Jeff Kriet's Floating Worm Setup
  • 7' Denali Lithium Series Casting Rods - Learn what action Kriet likes in this rod
  • HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon - Jeff will talk about why to use different line sizes, when to use baitcasting and when to use spinning, based on line size
  • Big Bite Baits Finesse Worms - There's a couple of colors that bass strike like they hate it, find out those colors and other floating worm secrets in this full seminar
Jeff Kriet's Wacky Worm Setup
  • 7' Denali Lithium Series Spinning Rods - Learn what action Kriet likes for fishing the wacky worm
  • HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon - Learn the best line sizes for fishing a wacky worm
  • 6" Big Bite Baits Finesse Worms - Learn Jeff Kriet's favorite wacky worm colors

In this video, there is a lot of information about how to fish a wacky worm and a floating worm, including:

  • Cadence - how do you work the bait?
  • Depth - What factors determine how deep to fish these baits?
  • Time - Best times to fish these lures
  • Targets - Kriet discusses some areas you want to be sure to throw this bait
  • Conditions - Kriet shares a great weather condition for throwing these baits

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