The Dean sits down with Bass University instructor Jake Whitaker to talk about floating docks. Learn why Jake targets docks in the backs of creeks during the Spring, why bass are attracted to certain ones, where the bass are coming from and when they leave. Jake also shares his favorite bait for fishing these floating docks and some tips on targeting the most productive floating docks.

  • 0:56 Floating docks is a form of cover that exists on almost every body of water
  • 2:10 Why do fish love floating docks in the Spring?
  • 4:24 From the floating docks to the beds
  • 5:42 Technique for floating docks in backs of pockets
  • 7:33 Forward-facing sonar and floating docks
  • 8:51 The best floating docks to target
  • 11:04 Navigating the cables on a floating dock
  • 12:29 Keep an eye out for crappie brush piles and freshly fallen trees

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