Wacky Rig Bass Fishing - Stetson Blaylock

Wacky Rig Bass Fishing - Stetson Blaylock

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7-Time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier Stetson Blaylock joined The Bass University in Tulsa, OK in early 2020 to talk about fishing wacky rigs. Unlike many pros, Stetson Blaylock admits that most of his winnings have come on a spinning rod, and his love of fishing a wacky rig is part of that reason. Learn why the wacky rig is such a great technique for catching bass, where to fish a wacky rig, the tackle you'll want to use, and the best soft plastic colors for this technique.

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Its the little subtle techniques that make you a better angler in this sport and here you can get them right from the pros mouths.
- John H.