7-Time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier Stetson Blaylock joined The Bass University in Tulsa, OK in early 2020 to talk about fishing wacky rigs. Unlike many pros, Stetson Blaylock admits that most of his winnings have come on a spinning rod, and his love of fishing a wacky rig is part of that reason. In this seminar, you'll learn why the wacky rig is such a great technique for catching bass, where to fish a wacky rig, the tackle you'll want to use, and the best soft plastic colors for this technique.

  • 0:07 When Stetson Blaylock does and does not fish a wacky rig and what he's looking for
  • 2:50 Tackle for fishing a wacky rig (rod & Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line Hi-Vis Flash Green)
  • 3:58 How Stetson Blaylock fishes a waky rig while looking for fish
  • 6:55 Tournament practice tip for fishing a wacky rig
  • 9:43 Wacky rig fishing targets
  • 10:46 Wacky rig fishing seasons
  • 11:31 When to start using a Tungsten Nail Weight, and tips for saving weights
  • 13:08 Smallmouth vs. Largemouth and best sizes for each
  • 15:04 When to use Garmin Panoptix Livescope
  • 18:30 Why fish a wacky rig on a spinning rod?
  • 21:13 Stetson Blaylock's favorite soft plastic (Yum Dinger Soft Plastic Stick Bait Bulk Packs) and other soft plastics and colors to wacky rig
  • 23:06 The importance of scent & attractants on soft plastics
  • 23:56 Benefits of throwing a wacky rig on a baitcaster
  • 30:20 Do you always throw an o-ring on your wacky rig?
  • 33:00 Rigging a wacky rig like Stetson Blaylock with a Gamakatsu G-Finesse Stinger Wacky/Neko Hook 6pk
  • 39:04 How Stetson Blaylock rigs a wacky rig for tournament practice
  • 40:22 Line size considerations for wacky rigs on baitcasters and spinning tackle
  • 40:49 What about weed guards on the hooks?
  • 42:00 Wacky rigging in the winter months
  • 43:38 Optimizing your Livescope experience
  • 44:50 Mounting the Livescope and whether the noise affect the bass
  • 46:22 Differences in fishing a shakey head and a wacky rig (why choose the wacky rig?)
  • 50:01 Other wacky rig fishing questions

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