Even if you don't like fishing clear water, at some point, you'll probably find yourself fishing it, particularly if you're a tournament bass angler. In this bass fishing video seminar, Stetson Blaylock, Bassmaster Elite Series fisherman, shares some seasonal tips for best baits for each season and how to fish them. Winter, spring, summer and autumn, Stetson talks about areas he's fishing, how he presents his baits, tackle he using for various techniques and more.

  • 0:06 You need to learn how to fish clear water for bass, even if you don't like it
  • 0:57 Stetson Blaylock's history in fishing bass tournaments
  • 3:10 Winter bass fishing clear water: locating bait, bait selection, keeping it simple and color selection
    • 7:06 Using Garmin Livescope when fishing clear water in winter
    • 8:34 Tackle for fishing small swimbaits
    • 10:53 Football jig fishing clear water in the winter
    • 16:20 Football jig trailers and importance of line size
    • 20:54 Cold water fishing lipless crankbaits for bass
  • 30:05 Spring season bass fishing in clear water
    • 30:20 Cover a lot of water and find the most active fish with this rig
    • 41:22 Jerkbait success in the spring when bass fishing in clear water
    • 45:05 Wacky rig basics for spring fishing
  • 45:36 Summer bass fishing in clear water
    • 45:36 Fishing a big worm in clear water during the summer
    • 46:07 Topwater bass fishing
    • 46:39 One of the best clear water baits for fishing in the summer
  • 48:18 Fall / Autumn season baits and techniques for catching bass in clear water
    • 48:27 Spinnerbaits
    • 49:41 Lipless crankbait fishing in the Autumn season
    • 50:59 Squarebill crankbaits and why they are good in the fall

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