In this Bass University bass fishing video class seminar, Todd Faircloth is in Texas talking about fishing in and around grass vegetation during the Winter and Spring. He shares his top techniques, tackle & baits for the Winter, prespawn and spawn periods. As he moves through the seasons from bitter cold to when fish start to lock on beds, Todd discusses the areas where he looks for bass and how he approaches them. He also breaks down inside and outside grass lines and how bass relate to them at different times of the year. Near the end of the class, Todd covers lots of questions specifically about Texas lakes like Rayburn and Toledo Bend, but also about how to identify the changes in the phases of fish spawning and when to expect fish to make moves and lock on beds. Lastly, in this bass fishing video, Todd shares a few of bass fishing tournament and tournament practice tips & tricks.

  • 1:39 Where to Look for Bass Around Grass in Winter
  • 2:55 Number One Technique for Winter Bass Fishing
  • 7:11 Other Good Winter Grass Fishing Baits
  • 12:12 Prespawn Bass Fishing in Grass #1 Bait
  • 15:16 Where to Fish for Bass in Prespawn
  • 17:25 Prespawn Bass Fishing Colors Around Grass
  • 18:29 Squarebill Crankbaits
  • 19:22 Fishing Line for Lipless Crankbaits
  • 21:05 Bladed Jigs for Prespawn Bass
  • 22:59 When to Use Silent Vs Rattle Baits
  • 23:47 What Part of Sam Rayburn to Fish
  • 24:29 Where to Fish on Toledo Bend
  • 25:21 Fishing for Bass During the Spawn
  • 26:43 Todd's Favorite Bass Baits for Fishing the Spawn
  • 27:43 Where to Fish During the Spawn Around Vegetation
  • 30:07 How to Fish for Spawning Bass on Beds
  • 32:21 Best Color Baits for Spawn Fishing
  • 32:37 Types of Grass on Lakes
  • 34:37 How to Determine When It's Prespawn and Spawn
  • 36:28 Using Sonar or Side Imaging for Grass
  • 38:03 Does Tide Dictate the Spawn?
  • 42:22 Taking Wind into Account
  • 43:15 Bass Fishing Tournament Tips

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