Aaron Martens was in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the winter to conduct a bass fishing class seminar on seasonal water temperatures. Water temperature is one of the most important factors in determining bass location and activity level. Aaron Martens takes a seasonal approach to discussing the changing water temperatures, how fish will position themselves and bass's feeding activity based on water temperature and season.

  • 0:38 Choosing a topic is difficult for Aaron Martens
  • 1:25 The most complicated bass fishing topic for a class video, water temperature
  • 2:44 How important is water temperature?
  • 3:56 Winter : what to look for and where the bass are likely located and what they're eating during this season and the importance of heat retention
  • 15:21 Pre spawn : Fish migration, what you're looking for to locate bass, how warming trends affect water temperature and bass activity, and baits that are good this time of year
  • 27:57 Spawn : Which bed fish to spend time catching, fishing slow and meticulously vs fishing for the stupid fish
  • 34:00 Post spawn : Going back to where they were
  • 37:59 Summer : Where to locate bass during the hottest time of the year
  • 42:23 Autumn : Fall is a tricky time of year as the water start to turn over

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