If you want to catch more fish in tough conditions, but don't want to noodle around all day with 6lb line and a tiny worm, Aaron Martens has some suggestions for a nice compromise that will have your covering water quickly, potentially with baitcasting tackle, and catching bass that may not readily bite a jig or a fast-moving bait. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, Aaron Martens shares tips and tricks for various rigs that are effective when power finesse fishing, and everything you need to know from rods, reels, line, hooks, leaders, swivels and more.

  • 0:13 What is power finesse
  • 2:25 Why power finesse instead of power fishing or finesse fishing?
  • 7:40 Dropshots rig and speedshotting
  • 11:43 Dropshot power finesse fishing tackle and weight selection
  • 15:26 Other tackle tips and line selections for power finesse fishing techniques
  • 17:11 Wacky rig fishing
  • 19:45 Texas rig hooks and fishing tips
  • 23:15 Shaky head
  • 24:10 Changing up techniques and color selection
  • 27:31 Prefishing efficiency
  • 37:01 Leader connection knot and barrel swivels
  • 39:10 Aaron Martens's key baits for power finesse fishing
  • 40:37 Hooks, rigging and how they effect the speed of fall

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