The Bass University is at iCast 2017, joined by bass tournament champion and Bassmaster Elite Series angler of the year, Aaron Martens and David Swendseid from Duo Realis. All three anglers talk about the hot new spybaits and the spybaiting technique, the technique that's winning tournaments and cashing checks for anglers catching hard-to-catch bass. Spybaits are a unique finesse lure that looks like a topwater prop bait, but as Mike Iaconelli discovered, they sink.  

Aaron Martens talks about the best situations from throwing a spybait, and how he works the bait. Martens shares how he keeps fish hooked on this finesse technique, including the rod, reels and line he uses to fish spybaits in different situations. David talks about the importance of light line and setting the drag properly when spybaiting. They both answer questions about what to do when you get followers that won't commit to biting a spinbait, and follow up baits. What is the acceptable water clarity for spybaiting? Also, Aaron introduces some new colors of the Duo Realis Spybaits.

David talks about the future developments from Duo Realis and the importance of making tournament-winning baits that are durable.

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