Bassmaster Elite Series professional bass tournament angler Kelly Jordon is at the Rod Threading Device (RTD) booth at ICAST 2018. Kelly is demonstrating the ease of running fishing line through the rod guides with the RTD. It puts fishing line on your rod FAST! If you fish in low light conditions, require reading glasses for focusing on close objects, lack finger dexterity or otherwise find it difficult to string your fishing line through the guides on your fishing rod, this device will help. The RTD will attaches to your line quickly and zips through the rod guides, and once the device is through a guide, there's no worries about dropping the line back through and having to start over. As Kelly demonstrates, if you drop the device in the process of threading, it will just hang off the guid and you can pick up from there. Mr. Jordon expects these to be available in the fall of 2018, just in time to make a great Christmas present for that fisherman or woman in your life who may struggle working with seeing or handling small items like fishing line and fishing rod guides.

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