iCast 2019, the biggest sport fishing tradeshow in the world, wrapped up last week. Mike Iaconelli, Pete Gluszek and Brian "The Carpenter" from Ike Live discuss some of the best bass fishing tackle from the show. Check out the iCast 2019 Bass University awards:

  • 9:04 The year of the trolling motor (new motors from Garmin, Lowrance, MotorGuide and more)
  • 12:12 Upcoming content on The Bass University that was recorded at iCast 2019
  • 23:51 Bass University's iCast 2019 Best in Show Awards
    • 24:17 Justin Kimmel's pick - Missile Baits Ned Bomb
    • 26:07 Brian "The Carpenter's" pick - Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait
    • 29:31 Mike Iaconelli's pick - VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble
    • 32:24 Pete Gluszek's pick - Silent Flip braided line (not currently available for pre-order from Tackle Warehouse at the time of this writing)

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