Hall of Fame Angler Mike "IKE" Iaconelli is out on the water with  Bass University to share his top three favorite metal fishing baits for the fall season. In this session, IKE talks all about a selection of metal baits that are big producers during the autumn season.

Ike discusses three specific metal baits: a blade bait, a tail spinner, and a slab spoon. Even though these baits might be considered "old school," they remain essential tools to have in your tackle box, especially when the water gets colder. Ike personally uses these baits and explains how to fish them effectively, demonstrating how they can still catch plenty of bass during the fall.

If you're keen on improving your fishing skills for the fall season and want to rediscover some overlooked lures, make sure to check out this Bass University session with Bassmaster Pro Mike Iaconelli!

Mike Iaconelli's Top 3 Metal Baits Chapters

  • 0:14: Introduction - Fall Fishing 
  • 3:35: Metal Baits and Setups 
  • 22:25: Tail Spinner Tactics/Techniques 
  • 31:15: Blade Bait Tactics/Techniques 
  • 38:15: Jigging Spoon Tactics/Techniques 
  • 42:55: Don’t Forget About Metal

Fall & Winter Metal Bait Questions Answered in This Class

  • Which specific metal baits does Mike Iaconelli recommend in the Fall & early Winter?
  • What makes these baits good for bass fishing in those seasons?
  • What personal insights does Mike Iaconelli provide about using these metal baits?

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