This is a true, fully-comprehensive masterclass on fishing tail spinners! Mike Iaconelli sets the standard that will never be challenged by covering this topic in a nearly 2 hour bass fishing class seminar. Everything you could possibly ever want to know about tail spinners at an hour more for good measure. If you're looking for information on fishing the original Mann's Little George, or a more modern bait with life-like colors and upgraded components, like the Molix Trago Spin Tail, even if you've never fished a tail spinner before, this class will equip you with the information that will fast-track your success.

This is a great winter fishing seminar, but, right out of the gate, Iaconelli insists that this is not just a winter bait. It can be fished in all seasons and excels in the Summer and Autumn as well. Because it can be fished easily at various depths, and fished many different ways, it has decided advantages over lures that take a long time to get to deeper depths, or baits that have a maximum running depth. The wide array of colors available make a tail spinner ideal for matching the hatch in clear water, and, because of the big deep-cupped Colorado blade, it's also a great stained water bait. 

Another thing that makes a tail spinner so versatile is that it's attractive and can be easily used to target all species of bass. This isn't just a smallmouth, spotted or largemouth bait. You may employ it to target a specific species, based on where you are fishing, but it can be used effectively to catch them all.

A tail spinner is a unique combination of lures. It's a big chunk of metal, like a blade bait, with a big blade (for flash and vibration), like a spinnerbait, but it has a treble like most hard baits. This unique set of characteristics has it's pros and cons. Some being that it has a good hookup percentage, but also a bad tendency to get hung up. In this 1hr 49 bass fishing class, Ike shares tips for modifying your bait to generate strikes, get the best hookups and the least hang ups. If you're a beginner, no problem, Mike even breaks it down with a great "all around size" to get started fishing tail spinners.

Once you've got your tail spinner ready to fish, Mike shares his top 4 retrieves for targeting bass from the bottom to the top of the water column. With these tips, you will have confidence that wherever the bass are located, any time of year, you can use a tail spinner to catch bass.

  • 0:17 Heavy metal bass fishing - metal bass fishing baits aren't just for winter
  • 3:33 The tail spinner, like a Molix Trago Spin Tail or a Mann's Little George, is a forgotten about lure for most bass anglers
  • 4:41 What is a tail spinner? 
  • 6:38 Tail spinners have been modernized with a wider range of sizes, realistic colors, upgraded ball bearing swivels and hooks
  • 9:00 Tail spinners are a truly versatile bait (seasons, water depth, water clarity and more)
  • 10:21 How the blade helps in muddy and clear water
  • 14:07 A tail spinner will catch all species of bass
  • 16:04 The good and the bad of the treble hook and Mike's modification tips for hooks on tail spinners
  • 24:24 Different blades on a tail spinner - considerations for switching blade sizes, styles and colors
  • 27:18 Modifying the bait for even better hookups when the bass are nipping at the bait or the blade
  • 29:52 Good all-around general weight for getting started fishing tail spinners
  • 33:52 Color selection for success with tail spinners
  • 36:32 Another modification for adding a little more flash with a VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble
  • 39:10 How to fish a tail spinner metal bass fishing bait - the top 4 retrieves
    • 40:36 How to fish a tail spinner in the top of the water column when fish are feeding up
    • 50:12 Fishing a tail spinner to catch suspended fish
    • 1:02:07 Fishing for bass related to the bottom : stroking, lifting or pumping a tail spinner for unbelievably violent bass strikes
    • 1:14:58 Fishing a tail spinner for deep and lethargic bass that are glued to the bottom, laying in the mud
  • 1:21:31 One bonus retrieve used to win a recent bass fishing tournament next to vertical cover
  • 1:24:38 Tackle for fishing a tail spinner : line, 6'6" - 7'4" rod & reel
  • 1:35:31 Hook points for trebles on a tail spin lure
  • 1:38:02 Can you catch big bass on a tiny tail spinner or is it just for little fish?
  • 1:40:17 What are the key areas for fishing this bait?
  • 1:41:43 What determines blade color selection?
  • 1:45:04 When to choose Colorado, Indiana or willow blades

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