Growing the sport of bass fishing is a double-edged sword. While it’s healthy for the industry to be growing at the rate it is, it also can cause some trouble because more people fishing means one thing – more people are fishing. 

“There is more fishing pressure today than ever before,” said Mike Iaconelli. “ ... The anglers now are really good. All of them: the young guys, the guys that just started a few years ago, the guys that picked it back up. They're getting good quick. There's a lot of people, and a lot of tournaments.”

All of those factors combined to make fishing more difficult for many anglers. 

In this seminar, Iaconelli explains just how he tackles heavily pressured bodies of water. 

Iaconelli says the places you chose to fish play a big role, and he highly recommends fishing where other people aren’t. Opting to fish in deeper water, thicker cover, or in ‘boring’ places found on electronics can place you around fish that have been less targeted.  

Your bait selection, however, can place just as important of a role. 

Iaconelli discusses two very opposite approaches for techniques. On one hand, he suggests downsizing and going with a more finesse approach, but – on the other – he recommends upsizing your baits and going after a reaction strike. 

Iaconelli also discusses his 10 tactics for targetting pressured fish, which include his thoughts on rattles, scents, and colors. 

  • 4:35 How To Beat Fishing Pressure
  • 7:45 How To Make Fish Bite
  • 16:30 Going Where Other Anglers Won't
  • 23:00 Color Selection For Pressured Waters
  • 28:00 How Sound Impacts Bass
  • 29:45 Casting Multiple Times To A Target
  • 32:10 When To Use Scent To Attract More Fish
  • 33:40 Fish The Boring Places
  • 38:10 Keys To Following Birds
  • 40:50 Importance of Fishing The Wind
  • 42:00 Varying Your Presentation
  • 45:45 Building A Panic Box Of Confidence Baits
  • 47:00 Using Fluorocarbon For Different Techniques 
  • 50:50 Picking A Universal Finesse Spinning Rod
  • 51:50 How To Apply Scent To Hard Baits
  • 53:00 Braided Split Rings

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