In this bass fishing instructional video, BASS Open tournament champion Pete Gluszek will share with you the success that is waiting for anglers ready to learn to fish in the wind. As a fishing guide, Pete has experienced many anglers not wanting to be out in the wind. In this video, Pete will share the boat equipment and tackle you will need to be successful fishing in windy conditions.

Why fish in the wind?

Fish are more aggressive, you can get closer to the fish without spooking them, and there are many other benefits that Gluszek will discuss in this full 55-minute instructional video. With wind and big water, safety is first, and preparation will go a long way in ensuring a safe and productive day out fishing. Are your bilge pumps clean? Have you tightened your outboard mounting bolts? Learn other tips from Pete on navigation in big wave conditions in this video.

What are the challenges of fishing the wind?

One of the biggest issues in staying in place or controlling your movement enough to fish an area effectively. Pete will talk about electronics and boat accessories that will help make this task manageable.

What baits do I use to catch bass in the wind?

Lastly, Pete will discuss the business of putting bass in the boat on a windy day. Namely, Pete will share some of his favorite baits, including Storm Original Wiggle Wart Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits, among others. Pete will also make some other tackle suggestions for fishing in the wind, including fishing line, reels, rods and more.

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