Creature baits like the Biffle Bug and the smaller Rage Bug are great fish catchers, but flipping and pitching around targets isn't the only way to catch bass with these baits. In this on the water bass fishing class, Pete Gluszek will show you the tackle he uses and the technique of swimming a creature bait. Pete discusses the times when he opts for a traditional bullet weight and worm hook Texas-rigged instead of the Biffle Hardhead Jighead. Also learn the areas that Pete targets in the Spring, tips on when to set the hook and whether to peg the weight.

  • 0:18 A great shallow water technique
  • 2:38 When to fish a creature bait
  • 5:08 It's not a bluegill bite, set the hook!
  • 6:33 More on when to fish a creature bait
  • 8:40 Creature bait colors
  • 10:13 Creature bait profile for different situations
  • 11:03 Creature bait swimming tackle
  • 15:04 Fishing bank targets with a creature bait
  • 19:40 What to do when you get a bite
  • 21:12 Swimming a creature bait through a brush pile
  • 22:06 Whether to peg the sinker
  • 25:53 Pay attention to where you get bites
  • 28:33 Fishing on a windy bank
  • 31:50 Downsizing creature baits
  • 33:33 Where to look for bass in the Spring

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