Recent bass fishing tournament champion Mike Iaconelli joins The Bass University to talk about 2 topics regularly asked about by Bass University students: color dyes and scent. Two really common questions from students are "Does color really matter to bass?" and "Does scent really matter to bass?". The answer to both is "yes", and sometimes it matters more than others. As Iaconelli points out in this seminar, there are certain times of year and certain water conditions when color and scent are more important. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli wants to help you catch more fish and save money. That's right, save money. Now, instead of buying every color of a lure you like, you can buy some base colors and modify them with some cost-effective, long-lasting dye dips and markers. These color dyes allow you to modify your lure on-the-fly to match the forage the bass are feeding on more closely, get basses attention with colors that stand out, or tone down colors that are too loud.

Scent is also important, especially with smallmouth and spotted bass. Mike talks about the types of scent he uses, including pre-scented baits and ways to add scents to a lure. Learn how Mike uses smell to attract bass to his bait. 

  • 0:54 Using dyes and scents on lures
  • 1:46 Why use color markers and dyes on your baits?
    • 7:23 Dipping baits in Spike It Dip-N-Glo Worm Dye
    • 12:24 Adding color with a Spike It Dip-N-Glo Marker
    • 15:03 Enhancing other baits with Spike It Blade Dip
    • 17:37 Making a bait more natural with color dyes
    • 21:45 Making the bait more visible to the angler
    • 23:04 Using color to catch short-striking bass
    • 26:19 Painting lure jigheads
    • 27:42 Questions and answers about lure dyes and markers
  • 39:18 Does scent really matter in bass fishing lures and baits? How can I use it effectively?
    • 43:50 Baked-in scent vs added scent
    • 49:15 Questions and answers about scent

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