MLF 2017 Summit Cup Champion Mike "Ike" Iaconelli talks about finesse fishing with wacky jigheads. In this 54-minute bass fishing instructional video seminar, you will learn how to catch more bass during times when they aren't really biting.

Main Wacky Rig Topics

  • 1:15 Why a wacky jig?
  • 9:10 4 wacky rig methods
  • 11:00 The traditional wacky jig head
  • 16:30 Action of the bait
  • 17:15 2 things not to do
  • 20:25 Power finesse fishing 
  • 24:00 What the ball and chain rig looks like 
  • 24:15 Heavy cover wacky jig pitching
  • 25:30 Why does a wacky jig excel 
  • 29:30 Wacky minnow
  • 33:15 How to rig the minnow
  • 40:15 No motion minnow rig
  • 41:45 No action effectiveness 
  • 46:20 How to fish the no motion minnow 
  • 47:15 Tackle

Why fish a finesse wacky jighead?

Many finesse bait presentations are slow, but guys like Mike Iaconelli like to cover water. Ike will show you in this video how to use the wacky jighead 4 different ways to cover water, but maintain a finess presentation with power finesse techniques. He will talk about the advantages of the wacky jighead over traditional wacky rig, and why he loves this technique, including an extraordinary hook-up percentage. The 4 rigging methods covered in this video on how to fish the wacky jighead:

  • Ball and chain wacky rig - This is in the spirit of the traditional wacky rig. Fishing senko-style stickbaits, like Berkley Havoc Ike's Flat Dawg. Mike will tell you how to fish this bait in varying depths, when you'll likely get bites & covering water with this finesse technique.
  • Heavy cover wacky jig pitching - Iaconelli shares how this wacky presentation differs from the traditional "ball and chain", and how it can separate you from the crowd in pressured or high traffic areas.
  • Sliding minnow wacky jig - Utilize smaller jigheads and a minnow-style bait, like the Berkley Twitchtail Minnow for a dynamite finesse bait. USe this technique around docks, overhand cover, undercut banks and spawning bass.
  • No motion minnow - Super technique for heavily pressured lakes, post frontal bass or super clear water. Iaconelli will teach you how to use the same jighead and minnow to catch finnicky bass in a not-so-wacky way.

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