Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is on the water to do a demonstration of a hot finesse fishing technique called the chicken rig. This rig is unlike any other finesse rig. It has elements of several other techniques, namely the Neko rig, the shakey head techniques, but with decided advantages over both. Learn why this technique is a super natural presentation that allows you to cover water and generate bites all year long without getting hung up all day.

  • 0:15 One of the hottest new finesse techniques around
  • 1:56 What is the action that makes the chicken rig different?
  • 4:12 Rigging the chicken rig with components like the VMC Finesse Neko Hook 5pk and Berkley Powerbait Flute Worm
  • 19:51 Rod, reel and line for fishing the chicken rig and setting the hook
  • 27:23 How to fish the chicken rig technique for bass
  • 30:55 When and where the chicken rig is an effective bass fishing technique
  • 34:32 Demonstration of how to fish the chicken rig and the proper shaking technique
  • 41:27 Iaconelli hooks one and "It's a giant"
  • 44:03 Rerigging the chicken rig after a bite
  • 48:38 Go in the thick cover with the chicken rig to get a big one

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finesse mike iaconelli on the water

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