Mike Iaconelli grews up on the Delaware River and had a major Bassmaster Elite Series win there. In this class, Mike shares what he's learned over the years about seasonal bass movements on a tidal river. Ike breaks down Winter through Fall: where fish are located, how they will migrate, how tides affect their position. Before answering student questions, Iaconelli also breaks down how to read current and key places to fish.

  • 0:55 This isn't just a tidal water bass fishing class
  • 2:54 It's not a spot fishing thing on tidal water
  • 3:40 Why tidal water is different
  • 6:36 Seasonal bass movement
  • 27:53 Differences between Delaware & Hudson Rivers
  • 29:40 Mike Iaconelli's Summer mantra
  • 37:27 The 3 tide levels & tracking tides
  • 49:52 Current & how it positions fish (where to fish)
  • 57:55 What is slack tide and how to fish it
  • 58:58 What is the deepest bass caught in the Delaware?
  • 1:00:48 What water clarity is best on a tidal river?
  • 1:02:14 The biggest bass Iaconelli ever caught
  • 1:05:01 Beginning of fall transition on Delaware River

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