Explore the thrill of kayak bass fishing in tidal waters! Join expert angler Justin Largen as he reveals his top-notch techniques for targeting bass amidst lush grass. Gain invaluable insights into fishing from a kayak, accessing tricky spots, and optimizing your gear setup. Don't miss this ultimate guide to tidal water bass fishing – a kayaker's dream!

Tidal water fisheries, like St. Johns River, Susquehanna River, Delaware River, Potomac River & Chesapeake Bay can be intimidating for many anglers. The constant changes force you to always stay tuned in to what is going on around you. When fishing those bodies of water from a kayak, you’re limited in the areas you can target fish.

In this seminar, kayak angler Justin Largen explains how he targets grass on tidal waters to help him catch more fish all year long. Fishing from a kayak can help anglers access water that may be difficult to get to from a bass boat, which is something Largen especially likes when fishing grass.

While he says you don’t often need to access super shallow water, the changing tides can put you in a position where it can be incredibly important to get to a shallow water area during certain times of the year.

When it comes to techniques, Largen relies heavily on three types of baits: Chatterbaits, crankbaits, and Missile Baits soft plastics. Largen will often use moving baits – like the Z-Man Jackhammer and Strike King Hybrid Hunter – to quickly cover large areas covered in grass to locate fish. Once he’s able to generate a few strikes, he will often slow down to fish it more thoroughly with soft plastic creature and stickbaits.

When it comes to kayak fishing, few things are as important as downsizing the amount of gear you take with you. Largen suggests that you only truly need one rod to handle most of these techniques – a 7’ medium-heavy baitcasting rod. However, you can obviously put together more technique-specific combos if you’re comfortable carrying more equipment.

Largen covers all this information in detail along with breaking down the various types of grass you’ll find on tidal water fisheries, how to pick the right kayak, and he also offers tips and tricks for fishing grass out of a kayak.

Justin Largen Tidal Water Kayak Grass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 4:20 Why You Should Kayak Fish
  • 6:30 Best Baits For Fishing Grass
  • 19:35 Gear Setup For Fishing Grass
  • 28:00 How To Fish Tidal Waters
  • 33:45 Seasonal Approaches For Fishing Tidal Water Grass
  • 41:30 Understanding Different Types Of Grass
  • 43:50 How To Position Your Kayak Around Grass
  • 46:25 How To Pick The Right Kayak
  • 48:20 How To Flip Grass In A Kayak

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