Tidal Water Frog Fishing Matted Vegetation - Powroznik

Tidal Water Frog Fishing Matted Vegetation - Powroznik


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Jacob Powroznik is on the water, thick in some matted vegetation, with The Bass University. In this 12-minute bass fishing class, Jacob will teach you how to fish a topwater frog in the mats.

  • 0:26 Forg fishing or flipping mats on a tidal river system
  • 1:39 Jacob's summer topwater frog of choice - Livingston Freddy B Tournament Frog
  • 2:43 Tackle for topwater frog fishing in mats
  • 3:19 Topwater frog fishing technique
  • 3:36 Why having the right line, rod and reel are important to have an enoyable frog fishing experience
  • 5:05 Livingston's EBS technology, do biological sounds help catch bass?
  • 6:18 What is matted vegetation and how do you fish it?
  • 7:49 Why bass in the matted vegetation and how do you identify the good ones?
  • 8:55 Frog fishing demonstration with Jacob Powroznik
  • 10:11 Which grass mats to throw your frog at
  • 10:29 Modifications, getting the first bite and focusing on an area

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