Major League Fishing professional bass tournament angler Jacob Powroznik is on the water with The Bass University to talk about how to catch FINicky bass using a wacky worm. Learn what rod, reel, line, leader, bait and hook Jacob uses to fish this technique, along with places to fish and how to fish it.

  • 0:19 Introduction (what's covered in this bass fishing class)
  • 0:53 Some surprising tips for the main line and leader for this spinning tackle technique 
  • 2:50 Powroznik's braid to fluoro leader knot of choice
  • 5:35 Best hook for wacky rigging along with tips for tying and modifying the hook
  • 8:48 Jacob's bait of choice and color selection
  • 9:29 Rigging a wacky worm
  • 13:23 Jacob's super-secret wacky worm tip
  • 14:40 Jacob's rod and reel choice for wacky rig fishing
  • 17:09 Wacky rig fishing demonstration
  • 19:08 Spring fishing with a wacky worm
  • 20:37 Approaching and fishing logs
  • 23:48 Detecting a bite and setting the hook
  • 26:13 Tidal water wacky worm tip
  • 29:39 Alternatives to a weed guard in tidal situations

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