Do you know how to catch bass deep cranking? While often only looked at as a way to catch bass in the summer, this power-fishing technique can be utilized all year to help put more fish in the boat.

“When you think about deep cranking, most people are going to think about ledge season on the Tennessee River,” said Jacob Foutz. Foutz, who grew up ledge fishing on Lake Chickamauga, says it’s much more than a ledge technique. In this seminar, Foutz discusses how to use deep-diving crankbaits to target bass throughout the year, the proper gear for each bait, and the importance of using your electronics to locate fish in the different seasons.

When it comes to deep cranking, Foutz stresses the importance of having the right gear setup for the conditions. For crankbaits diving less than 15’, he’ll typically reach for a 7’ cranking rod, but when throwing deeper diving baits like the Strike King 10XD he’ll opt for a 7’11” cranking rod. The longer rod allows for longer casts, which can help hold the bait at the optimal depth for the fish you’re targeting.

Regardless of the season, Foutz wants his bait making contact with the bottom. In many cases, deep-water bass congregate around hard spots on the bottom, like shell beds. By locating these areas with his electronics, Foutz is able to take a large area of deep water and break it down into smaller areas to spend his time more efficiently.

Foutz highlights all of these things and more including the role forward-facing sonar plays in deep crankbait fishing, the importance of positioning your boat correctly, and the role speed and sound play in cranking throughout the different times of year.

Deep Cranking Bass Class Chapters

  • 2:10 Deep Cranking In The Winter
  • 9:50 Rod And Reel Setup For Cranking
  • 12:00 Deep Cranking In The Spring
  • 12:50 Tips For Deep Cranking In The Summer
  • 16:15 Importance Of Speed And Sound
  • 21:50 Gear Setup For Summertime Deep Cranking
  • 29:40 How To Find Areas To Fish In The Summer
  • 31:30 Getting Away From Forward-Facing Sonar 
  • 32:35 How To Position Your Boat Effectively
  • 37:00 Summer To Fall Transition


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