How to Fish for Bass on Ledges - Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is a 2x Bassmaster Angler-of-the-Year who, in 2019, switched to fishing the MLF Bass Pro Tour. Gman lives on Guntersville and has spent a fair amount of time fishing for bass on ledges. In this informative and entertaining 1 hour and 8 minute bass fishing class seminar, Gerald will cover several important topics to ensure ledge fishing success. Along the way, he will answer a number of student questions. You can use the shortcuts below to skip ahead to the topics that most interest you.

How to Fish Ledges for Bass Main Topics

  • 4:25 Locating the productive ledges
  • 5:03 Ledge fishing tournament strategy (to avoid disappointment)
  • 6:16 How to use electronics and idle efficiently as part of your ledge fishing tournament strategy, including side-imaging settings and having confidence in your graph
  • 16:14 Ledge fishing baits (crankbaits, jigs and Gerald Swindle's other basic ledge fishing baits)
    • 19:06 Gerald Swindle's worm setup for ledge fishing. Tackle you'll need, how to fish it and hooksetting with this worm.
    • 23:18 Buckeye Lures G-Man Ballin' Out Jig
    • 24:36 Crankbait fishing on ledges. Bait selection, tackle setup, boat positioning and making small adjustments. Gerald also shares some tips on not losing bass on big crankbaits.
    • 57:53 Spoons - which ones to fish and which ones to leave in the truck because they will ruin the lake. 
  • 41:31 Sidenote about fishing for the right reasons, owning your mistakes when fishing tournaments and being a bigger man than to make excuses when you lose
  • 47:08 Gerald Swindle's favorite knot for fishing fluorocarbon
  • 49:04 When to stay and when to go
  • 51:30 What to do when the ledge fish are up off the bottom
  • 1:02:15 What is Gerald Swindle looking for on the topo map and graph when searching for ledges to fish

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