JT Kenney grew up in Maryland, around the Potomac River, so he wanted to share some of what he learned about tidal water fisheries with the Bass University students in this bass fishing seminar video which was recorded in New Jersey.

  • 0:45 What causes the tide and how the tide effects the bass fishing 
  • 2:01 Why the largemouth bass tend to bite in spurts
  • 4:13 How bass utilize hard cover in current and how/where/when to fish for them
  • 8:08 JT Kenney's lily pad (spatterdock) field fishing tip
  • 14:30 Emergent grass tidal water baits
  • 21:47 Rocks and docks
  • 27:38 Baits for fishing rocks and docks on a tidal river
  • 37:06 Hyrdrilla and/or milfoil
  • 39:12 Best baits to fish hyrdilla and milfoil on tidal rivers

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