In this on-the-water bass fishing video, Pete Gluszek talks about one of his favorite things to do, fish for smallmouth. Specifically fishing tidal rivers for smallmouth bass. If you fish tidal rivers, like the Hudson River or Delaware River this video will help you learn how to catch smallmouth and how their behavior differs from largemouth. "The Dean" will talk about how the current effects the smallmouth and largemouth differently, so you can decide when to target each species. Pete shares areas, types of cover and structure that will concentrate smallmouth. Lastly, Pete will talk about the baits and tackle, like the Storm Wiggle Wart and Rapala DT Series crankbait, that you will need to target big bronzebacks on tidal river systems.

Tidal River Smallmouth Topics

  • 1:05 Smallmouth in current 
  • 1:40 How do smallmouth relate to high tide
  • 2:55 Targeting smallmouth on high tide
  • 4:20 Smallmouth fishing conditions
  • 5:00 Using a crankbait for smallmouth
  • 8:30 Jerkbaits for smallmouth
  • 10:15 Vibrating jigs for smallmouth
  • 11:40 Using finesse techniques for smallmouth 

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