In this remastered bass fishing class video, "The Dean of The Bass University" Pete Gluszek talks about his 4 favorite crankbaits for when the water starts to warm up in early Spring. Now, this isn't for right after the ice melts, there are a few better tools for when the water is still in the 30s, but as the water gets in the 40s, these are baits you'll want to have on your boat. After Pete shares his favorite baits, sizes and colors, he discusses the tackle he uses to fish them. He closes out this seminar by answering some questions about cold water cranking.

  • 0:08 When is it time for crankbaits?
  • 1:36 When it's really cold (right after ice melts), fish these lures instead
  • 2:53 The greatest cold water crankbait in the history of the world
  • 4:00 Keys to Cold Water (Spring & Fall) Cranking
  • 5:23 Back to the Rapala Shad Rap - sizes, colors, where & when to fish it
  • 8:53 Storm Wiggle Wart - multiple species bait, great for deflection, wobble action, small profile, favorite colors, hooks and more
  • 22:41 Luhr Jensen Speed Trap - great shallow water crankbait
  • 24:34 Lipless crankbaits - how to create reaction strikes, trigger strikes in difficult situations, changing sizes, retrieves and more
  • 29:29 Fishing line choices, why line size matters, knots, rods & reels
  • 38:18 When to start cold water cranking
  • 38:44 Do you remove the split ring when using a snap?
  • 39:54 New Wiggle Wart vs old Wiggle Warts
  • 40:30 Colors of Wiggle Wart to pull up smallmouth from deep water
  • 43:56 Analyzing your strike-to-catch ratio to determine if you need to make these tackle changes
  • 46:59 When fish stop biting, did fish move or did they shut down?

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